The car has become an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, and incomplete in the urban compound.
(Marshall McLuhan)

S.CAR is a body shop with a solid experience in the sector of car bodywork. Located in Casazza on the S.S. 42 – a road connecting some important areas in Northern Italy – it extends over a surface of about 1000 square meters and uses the most advanced equipment such as the cutting edge paint booth, a spot repair area and another repair/paint area to offer a complete service for cars and other commercial or industrial vehicles.

Our team is composed of five people: four well-trained technicians and an office employee who is also responsible for the reception.

Thanks to our solid experience built over the years, our advanced tools and innovative products as well as the constant professional training of our staff, we can offer care and a custom quality service. And since we strongly believe in safety, we adopted a management system of safety in the workplace.

035 812824

Via Nazionale, 11/a
24060 Casazza (BG)

Fax: 035 81 28 24